Saturday, September 12, 2009

Magical knitting

*Warning* This post contains mention of knitting related injury.

This story begins back when I was knitting these socks for myself and I was carrying them around the house in a little project bag clipped to my belt loop. I thought that this was a fantastic idea, having 2 small children I needed to be able to up and go from room to room with my knitting if I wanted to get any done! So, one day I was chasing them up the stairs and when we got to the top they wanted to play in the landing a bit. My youngest then dashed for the stairs so I plopped my self in front of her to keep her from tumbling down and when I did that...

One of my dpn size 1 came through the bag, through my pants and 2 inches into the side of my knee. Thankfully it went in on an angle so it wasn't straight in bu
t along the skin. So...I pulled it out and administered first aid to myself and put my knitting away for awhile!

Of course, I picked it up again eventually and finished my socks. When I went to start the next pair though I first bought these. The I merrily knit Mar's mini jaywalkers. When I began my next pair- the last pair I finished- I really wanted to do them in the round in order to eliminate as many sharp points as possible. So, I looked for some circulars but fount that the 12" size 1's were way to cumbersome to knit in the round with . Then I discovered the magic loop method...well...I shouldn't say I discovered it then, really, I had heard of it awhile ago, but never really looked into the specifics of it. Anyway, with the help of my LYS I picked up some nice long circs and came home to research magic loop.
These are pics of my new sock project- some grown up Jaywalkers for my friend Sarah using knit picks stroll multi sock yarn in Fruit Punch.

I will never use dpn's again :)

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