Thursday, September 17, 2009

A fixin'

Usually I am very careful to put my knitting up or away when I am leaving the room or doing something else. With a 4 year old and a 15 month old I know to be careful. It only takes 1 time. One second and all of those tiny little stitches are unravelled...
Of course I found this out the hard way.
I was working on my wrap when a knock came at the door. I put my knitting down, grabbed my 15 month old and headed for the door. I figured my knitting would be safe, after all, the main demolisher was in my arms! Well, I got talking and baby got squirmy, so, down went baby...then I noticed the silence and, sure enough, baby had pounced on my lace and pulled it out :(
Oh the horror.
I put it on the shelf, I couldn't even bare to look at it.
And there it stayed for a month.
But, finally I gently picked it up last night and assessed the damage. I tried my best to repair it and I did a fairly good job. It is still noticeable to me but I can live with it.
And, I learned a valuable lesson.... :)

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