Thursday, July 16, 2009

Complete Understanding

I now know why knitters sometimes have many projects going on at once. As I said before I would consider myself to be a monogamous knitter...that was until I started my first lace project. Which, in the span of 2 days I have had to rip and restart 4 times!!! The lesson I have learned is this- one does not do lace, especially for the first time, in the presence of any distractions, including but not limited to- pets, children, talkative partners trying to engage you in any sort of discussion, engrossing movies or reality TV shows. Now, since I really do feel the need to knit in the presence of these distractors I guess I will have to find myself a distraction-able project and save the lace for after the kids go to bed!
I'm thinking that the grocery bag dispenser might fill the knitting-during-day-time-hours need. And my lace will become my "after dark" project ;)

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